Where is John Lee?
  • I don't know if this will post or not as I have written comments on this web site that have not appeared. Yesterday I started "A Quiet Flame" on Audible.com. For those of you are listening readers, perhaps you will understand my frustration at listening to the first 4 Bernie Gunther novels read by a world class narrator, John Lee, and then attempting to listen to Paul Hecht start the fifth installment. He reads 4 in a row before John Lee comes back for the last 2. I've listened to Hecht before and remember having had this issue.
    I can not figure a reason why Mr. Kerr would switch for 4 and then go back to the original narrator. Whatever the reason, I'm going to have to skip the next 4 books so that the "real Bernie Gunther" has his voice again. I would read these 4 in print, but my life will not permit me the luxury or the patience.
    Another one of my favorite authors had to switch narration after over a dozen of the "installments", but it was only because Ralph Cosham died suddenly. The author researched a while before choosing an appropriate replacement. Paul Hecht is NOT Bernie!!