Quotes about Gunther
  • “For five hundred years we’ve had democracy and peace in this town. Then the day after you show up we have three shootings in one day. That’s a hell of a coincidence, wouldn’t you say?”

    A question from the understandably peeved Swiss Police Inspector Albert Weisendanger.

    “The Lady from Zagreb”
  • Great idea! Anyone else have any favorite quotes about Bernie from any of the books?
  • "The only thing I know about young women in Havana is that most of them are more efficient Marxists than you and your friends. They know more about the redistribution of wealth than anyone I’ve ever met. ”

    “If the Dead Rise Not”
  • “All my experience as a policeman told me not to trust her. Then again, my recent experience as a German told me not to trust anyone.”

    “If the Dead Rise Not"
  • On women.

    “They’re odd creatures who don’t know what they want right up until the moment they decide on exactly what they do want, and when you don’t give it to them right away, they’re apt to get sore with you. ”

    Excerpt From: Philip Kerr. “The Other Side of Silence.”
  • From The Lady from Zagreb. Captain Geiger on Bernie:

    "No, you look tough enough. That´s not the problem. The problem is that I´ve seen inside your soul, Gunther. There´s still a sliver of decency left in there. There´s your fucking problem. What does Nietzsche say? A man might think he can stare into the abyss without falling in but sometimes the abyss stares back. Sometimes the abyss exerts a strange effect on your sense of balance. Take it from one who knows."
  • “Sure,” I said. “Make it a large one.”
    “Is there any other kind for men like us?”

    In response to an offer of a cognac, by Harold Hennig (not a nice man).

    “The Other Side of Silence.”
  • She gave me a judicious sort of look.

    "You know, for a police Kommissar you are certainly full of surprises."

    Frau Kalau vom Hofe
    (An attractive forensic psychiatrist).

    "The Pale Criminal"
  • "I had discovered myself to be as temperamentally unsuited to partnership as I would have been to the presidency of the Deutsche Bank."

    "The Pale Criminal"
  • "You’ll understand that mine is not the kind of business where I can show you the testimonials of several satisfied customers."

    "The Pale Criminal"
  • "The wild pigs heard us and ran away, squealing a little. They were French, after all."

    "The Other Side of Silence"