The Other Side of Silence - Disappointed Boredom
  • After really enjoying an audio version of a Gunther novel some time ago (maybe Prague Fatale?) I was pleased to find a copy of The Other Side of Silence in my local library.
    Many zzzzzzzzzzzzs later I realised that little was happening, apart from lengthy descriptions of people in MI5 and 6, and I returned it unfinished.
    1. Am I being hyper-critical, or was Bernie unusually quiet in this volume?
    2. Should I try the earlier novels?
    Your views would be of interest.
  • Gunther is also older, decidedly more world-weary .. in The Other Side of Silence .. I am reading it now and I like it! But, definitely read the earlier works: the trilogy of Berlin Noir is terrific as it is about Gunther pre- WW2, during and the third (German Requiem) is set in 1945 ..