Searching for German 2nd World War murder mystery other than Bernie Gunther

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Help. I read a book last year set in wartime Germany about a civilian policeman who was teamed up with a Gestapo or SS (ex-Judge) to solve a series of murders involving the Jewish community , who were being rounded up and shipped out of Berlin(?). The novel ended in an abandoned slaughter house where bodies had been fed to pigs and where a guy taught young street kids martial arts. It was a much better read than it sounds from the above! I wanted to give it to a friend who loves the Bernie Gunther books but couldn't recognise the book from my vague description.
Can anyone help? Please? Thanks a lot.


  • I read two novels by Volker Kutscher, that are quite similar to Bernie Gunther. 'The Silent Death' and 'Babylon Berlin'.
  • Reading this at the moment, it's called "The Butchers of Berlin" by Chris Petit
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