• 1947
    Working as a Private Detective in Berlin (AGR).

    Winter 1947 to Spring 1948
    In Berlin and Vienna working the Emil Becker case (AGR).

    Autumn 1948
    Bernie and Kirsten take over the running of Kirsten’s father’s hotel in Dachau (TOFTO).

    August 1949
    Bernie closes and attempts to sell the hotel and becomes a Private Investigator in Munich (TOFTO).

    September 1949
    The death of his wife Kirsten in Munich from malaria. Loses the top two joints from his left little finger (TOFTO).

    October 1949
    Wanted for the murders of Britta Warzok and Vera Messman in Vienna he is given new passport in the name of Dr Carlos Hausner (TOFTO).

    October 1949 – May1950
    In hiding having to pretend to be a war criminal, waiting for ship to travel overseas (TOFTO).

    May 1950
    Bernie sails to Argentina with Adolf Eichmann and Herbert Kuhlmann (TOFTO).

    June 1950
    He arrives in Buenos Aires, Argentina and meets Juan and Eva Peron. He is diagnosed with cancer of the thyroid which is operated on by Dr. Pack and cured. Resolves the Case of Anita Schwarz (AQF).

    June 1950 to Summer 1954
    In Cuba (ITDRN).

    Won boat "La Guajaba" in backgammon game (FG).

    February to Spring 1954
    In Havana Cuba meeting up with Noreen Charalambides and Max Reles again. Working for the Mob investigating a murder (ITDRN).

    Summer to Winter 1954
    Whilst sailing to Haiti Bernie is caught by the US Navy and sent to Guantanamo Bay detention camp. He is then sent on to Castle William, Governer’s Island, Upper New York Bay, USA. Finally he ends up in Landsberg Prison, Bavaria, Germany (FG).

    Autumn 1954
    Bernie is handed over to the French and is lodged in La Sante Prision, Paris (FG).

    Autumn and Winter 1954
    During his period Bernie is in Hannover, Helmstadt, Berlin and Gottingen, Germany. He has a new passport in the name of Sebastian Kleber but he also seems to have one in the name of Walter Wolf as well which he uses when he moves to the French Riviera (FG).

    Winter 1954
    In Berlin he marries Elisabeth Dresler (FG).

    Whilst living on the French Riviera, Elisabeth leaves Bernie and returns to Berlin due to his depression and not setting in France (TLFZ).

    Bernie is living in La Coital, near Marseilles on the French Riviera (TLFZ).

    Summer 1956
    Living in an apartment in the Quai de la Corderie, Villefranche- sur-mer. Working as a Concierge at the Grand Hotel du Saint-Jean-Cap Ferrat. Involved in solving the blackmail of Somerset Maugham and the British Secret Service (TOSOS).

    October 1956
    Still living in Villefranche, Bernie is blackmailed to work for Erich Mielk again. New passport in the name of Bertolt Grundgens. Travelled to West Germany, new passport in the name of Christof Ganz (PB).