Philip Kerr pens column for WSJ

Philip Kerr has written a column for the Wall Street Journal’s Life & Culture pages entitled “Telling Stories We Need to Hear”:

“[It] seems to me that the Nazi revolution was the most important event in world history since the Protestant Reformation and that we’re still living with its consequences—and will be for quite a while longer. The fact is that I can’t understand why more mystery novelists don’t write about the Nazis. It always seems much more interesting to me to write about a murder that takes place against a background that includes the crime of the century, if not the millennium.”

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Washington Post summer reading picks

Recently Washington Post critics picked the best books for summer reading, and FIELD GRAY is one of 17 works of fiction to make the list. Meanwhile, Philip Kerr himself was tapped to be one of the critics doing the choosing in the nonfiction category, and he names ENDGAME: BOBBY FISCHER’S REMARKABLE RISE AND FALL and IN THE GARDEN OF BEASTS: LOVE, TERROR, AND AN AMERICAN FAMILY IN HITLER’S BERLIN as his two recommended summer picks. Click to read the full article.