Publishers Weekly talks to Philip Kerr

It’s a short interview, and available by subscription only (free six-week online subscription available). Here is a tease:

PW: Do you consider yourself more a political writer than a crime writer?

PK: The solving of a crime and being a detective is incidental to the unfolding story. Bernie is more the kind of detective to whom things happen, and I’m more interested in the politics of Germany in the 1930s than I am in the police procedural. I think of these books as an exploration of shifting power structures before and after the war. I’m also as interested in America’s part in Cold War German politics as in the Nazis.

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Philip Kerr to pen THE POISON KITCHEN

Philip Kerr has been tapped to write the screenplay for an upcoming feature film about the journalists who tried to sound the alarm about Hitler and the Nazis in 1920s Munich. The film, to be titled THE POISON KITCHEN—Hitler’s term for the Munich Post journalists he claimed “cooked up” lies about him—will be produced by Constantin Film, with Robert Schwentke directing. Kerr’s script will be based on a chapter from the 1998 book EXPLAINING HITLER by Robert Rosenbaum. Deadline Hollywood has more info.


PRAGUE FATALE is one of 22 nominees for the Best Novel award to be presented at the Pulp Ark convention. The convention, which bills itself as the leading pulp culture convention in the South, is for creators and fans of pulp and heroic fiction. This year’s event is scheduled to take place April 26–28 in Springdale, Arkansas.

Story and Strudel with Bernie Gunther

Philip Kerr will be making a rare public appearance and reading from his new Bernie Gunther novel on Thursday February 7, 2013, at Hardy’s Brasserie & Wine Bar, Marylebone, London. A signed, bound proof copy of A MAN WITHOUT BREATH (which will not be available to the public until March 2013) will be given to the three attendees who ask Philip the most original questions. Join fellow Bernie fans for a full dinner and this exclusive sneak preview with Mr. Kerr himself. Tickets are £40 from Hardy’s Brasserie & Wine Bar.