Philip Kerr at Oldie literary lunch

Philip Kerr will be one of the author speakers at the Oldie literary lunch tomorrow, Tuesday, March 19, at Simpons-on-the-Strand, London. From their Web site:

The Oldie Literary Lunches have become a venerable institution on the London literary scene since they were first launched in 1996. Held monthly at Simpson’s-in-the-Strand, the lunches feature three speakers who each address the audience for ten minutes. A delicious three-course lunch with wine accompanies the talks.

Literary Lunch Hotline 01795 592 892
Tickets cost £62


He’s not on the schedule published on the Oldie Web site, so we assume he’s a last-minute replacement. But here’s a great chance to hear Bernie Gunther’s creator speak about what Bernie’s been up to in A MAN WITHOUT BREATH.