Bernie's "Forrest Gump" moments

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For a "regular" person, It seems like Bernie meets with and interacts with a good number of the major players in Hitler's Germany. In one way it makes the books more fantastic and unbelievable, in another way, it makes them more interesting. Does Kerr go to far in this respect?


  • Possibly, but it does not detract from the quality of the books. I have never found myself saying "come on that's unbelieveable!' and stopped reading further. Also I remind myself that in the context of his background, an anti-nazi cop, turned P.I, he lived in a murky world, in which the nastier threads of life were interconnected.
  • Reading these books, I constantly found myself going to Wikipedia or Google to see if this person was real or if that person was real, or that place, or that event... I love the "real" famous people popping up in the books. Bernie certainly led and interesting life!!

    He seems like the luckiest unlucky guy in the world -- or the unluckiest lucky guy. I mean the only thing he has more than good luck is bad luck. Or maybe the only thing he has more than bad luck is good luck! I'm not sure which......
  • ^^ thats something i've done as well. Just recently re-read Pale criminal - and looked up 'Peter Kurten' - that was really sickening - truly disgusting
  • BG's "Forrest Gump" encounters with infamous characters are usually so intriguing - and provoke long trails through Wikipedia - that I was downright disappointed to be unable to trace 'Edgard de Boudel', the nefarious French SS officer who - though unseen - helps drive the plot of FIELD GREY forward. Just shows you how high PK has managed to peg his readers' expectations ...
  • He interacts with all the top Nazis except Hitler; Goring, Heydrich, Goebbels, Himmler, Bormann which is correct for time and place given his position as a top detective.

  • I have never felt BGs interaction with the upper echelons of Nazi Germany to be improbable. They needed his assistance, someone competent and reliable. Get that rep and you will be summoned forth.

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