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  • I think I´ll have to say Dalia, too! /Peter
  • I somewhat agree but more when it comes to all of Bernie´s ladies! There´s Inge, Kirsten, Frieda, Elisabeth, Dahlia - just to mention a few. No wonder that the poor man feels a bit worn out when we encounter him at the French Riviera in 1956! /Peter
    in Is it me ? Comment by PeterE April 2016
  • Hi again, not a big thing, but in "The Lady from Zagreb", Bernie´s two SS companions to Banja Luka are presented as Captain Geiger and Sergeant Oehl. But, in order to be more correct, maybe they should have been given their SS ranks - SS Hauptsturm…
  • From The Lady from Zagreb. Captain Geiger on Bernie: "No, you look tough enough. That´s not the problem. The problem is that I´ve seen inside your soul, Gunther. There´s still a sliver of decency left in there. There´s your fucking problem. What do…
  • Ok, as I thought then! I don´t know why this episode stuck with me, but it did! I suppose it´s a great example of "show don´t tell" by Mr Kerr. And perhaps deep down I´m just an old school romantic too! Have a nice weekend everyone! /Peter
  • First a happy and - a MORE PEACEFUL New Year, amen to that! As a Swede, I found another error on page 343 (paperback edition). "...the baron von Mannerheim, Finlands´s head of state, was now in residence and, having recently signed an armistice wi…
  • In "A Man Without Breath", Bernie observes that Colonel von Gersdorff wears the Iron Cross first class around his neck, but that medal was worn on your breast pocket. The Knight´s Cross, was worn around the neck. In German "Soldatenjargong", an offi…
  • Varsågod - you´re welcome! /Peter
  • Hi everybody, greetings from Sweden. I think I have found a small error. In "Prague Fatale", while investigating the murder in Prague, Bernie receives a letter from a girl in Paris. Bernie has helped her to get a job at the Adlon hotel in Berlin. H…