The Five Fakirs of Faizabad

2010 ~ Book 6 in the Children of the Lamp series

John and Philippa Gaunt are drawn into another magical mystery when the world's luck tips wildly out of balance. The key to the world's fate appears to lie with the five fakirs, or holy men, who were buried alive with the answers to the universe's greatest mysteries.

As John and Philippa race to find one of the fakirs and protect him before a wicked djinn can seek them out, the twins find themselves headed to the snowy Himalayan peaks where Shangri-la hides, and to the frozen wilderness of Yellowstone National Park.

Will the twins, with the help of their uncle Nimrod and a host of marvelously magical creatures, be able to complete this challenge and save the world from a case of everlasting bad luck?

ages 8 and up



The Five Fakirs of Faizabad Book Cover
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