The July 20th 1944 Plot to kill Hitler

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Please Mr Kerr, write a Bernie Gunther novel which incorporates the July 20th 1944 plot to kill Hitler. It will make excellent reading.


  • He touches on it in A Man Without Breath. That's a start anyway.
  • Has anybody traced the role played by the real life figure Arthur Nebe in the Gunther series? In addition to being Bernie's mentor in the Kriminalpolizei, he was also, later, one of the (real life) commanders of the Einsatzkommando death squads (and instrumental in bringing Bernie into that moral cesspool), as well as (again in real life) one of the July 20, 1944 plotters - for which he was arrested, condemned, and executed. There is a German language biography of Nebe. The latest book on the Bomb Plot is Danny Orbach's "The Plots Against Hitler".
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