Catching the Strangler.

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Since Kerr has written about BG in his 50s and such, I'd like to see a prequel kind of novel about how he made his reputation while as a detective. I guess it's Kerr's Giant Rat of Sumatra.


  • I'm with you on that! And I could see it happening. Kerr certainly loves to jump around in the life of Gunther so why not?
  • I'd like to read prequels to the series too- I'm not sure how much into the 1950's this can go and remain interesting but it can certaily go backwards into the 20's.
  • prequel idea: A murder in the trenches of ww1. Wait, not as silly as it may sound. Spies, counter agents, corruption, informers, lies and deceit. Mix it all together. It would explain his later distrust of authority and cynicism.
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    I'm sure PK will get there... I really missed reading a new BG in 2014. There are so many gaps in Bernie's life yet to fill - surely inexhaustible?!? For example, I'd like to hear more about his relationship with his parents & early marriage. Just as long as PK doesn't get *bored*... But Conan Doyle revived Sherlock Holmes after Moriarty pushed him off a waterfall in Africa (when the British Reading Public went ballistic!) More recently, Ian Rankin has revived Rebus to give him an interesting afterlife!
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    Personally we here at BGHQ would like to meet his first wife. So something circa 1920 when he was a young husband and a young cop would be great. And we may have mentioned something to that effect the last time we saw Mr. Kerr...

    Actually the next Bernie book after The Other Side of Silence is reportedly going to be called Prussian Blue, so it seems a good chance that it will be set around this time period.
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