What's Next for Bernie?

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Guess what new adventures and challenges await Bernie in the next book(s). If you were responsible for Bernie's story, what would happen next?


  • Seems like he eventually has to meet up with Eric Gruen and the gang that screwed him over in "The One from the Other"? So maybe he ends up in the US?
  • I'd like to see him settle his old score in Germany, which led to him going on the run under an assumed name. I like Kerr's use of different timelines in his Gunther stories. I'd like to see a story-line set in WW2.
  • So we've spent time with Bernie in 1932, 1934, 1936, 1938, 1947, 1948, 1950, 1954 -- is that it? So I'm looking for P.K. to write the 1940 story next. A lot of interesting stuff happening in the first few years of the war, as it slowly dawns on him exactly what the Nazis are up to. I also would like to know about his engagement and marriage to Kirsten, which by my calculations would have happened in 1941. Yes, that would be a great book. Then I hope he works his way through the 1920s or at least figures out a way to flash back to the 1920s, Weimar Berlin and the very early days of the Nazis. And of course I'd LOVE to know something about his first wife. Even her name would help. ;-)

    Of course none of this will happen. He'll probably write more about the 1950s. He'll get wind of Dinah being in trouble and he'll go rescue her. Yes, I agree, we haven't seen the last of Dinah! No matter, I'd follow Bernie anywhere... ;-)
  • Wow, I was thinking the same thing as GunthersGirl. I wanted to have some stories before he left Kripo, and also the connection with Kirsten before German Requiem.

    Maybe if enough fans mention it, Mr Kerr will consider the possibilities...
  • I am three quarters my way through If The Dead Rise Not. I need more.
  • oh tom you should not be reading the forums if you're not done with the books!! ha ha !! write a review when your done
  • Sorry for waiting so long to update. Loved it. Now it's time for a bernie story set in WW 2.
  • Today I looked up Kerr's entry in Wikipedia. In his bibliography is a title, in the Bernie series, called Field Grey, which is to be released this year. Can't wait!!
  • I see I'm about a year out of date but I thought I'd join in anyways.

    There are two things I think are frequently touched on all the way from the beginning that I want to know so much more about, Bernie's experiences of the first War and Gorman the Strangler. It's been awhile since I read the 1st three books by I seem to remember Gunther being treated like the man who shot Liberty Valance for his work on catching Gorman.
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