Well done, Canada!

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Field Gray made the Maclean's list of bestselling fiction in Canada for the third consecutive week, moving up to number 7 from number 9. Alas it was only on the NY Times best sellers extended list for one week. Philip Kerr's other appearance on the Times list came courtesy of his young adult book The Akhenaten Adventure in 2004.

And speaking of best sellers, In the Garden of Beasts, a story about the American ambassador to Germany William Dodd and his daughter Martha and their time in 1933/1934 Berlin, has hit the NY Times Best Sellers list at number 4. (His 2003 book The Devil in the White City spent 182 weeks on the hardcover/softcover lists.) We can't help thinking Philip Kerr's syndicated review for the Washington Post must have contributed to this early success: http://www.washingtonpost.com/entertainment/books/erik-larsons-in-the-garden-of-beasts/2011/04/05/AFwbUr2G_allComments.html?ctab=all_&#comments

By the way there is an interesting discussion of PK's review in the comments section at the end it.


  • PK's review pointed me toward " In the Garden of Beasts", and I am reading it, while just starting "Pale Criminal".

    " In the Garden of Beasts", is one one the best books I've read on Germany in the early 1930's. It is absolutely riveting and reads like a "can't put down" novel. Highly, highly recommend it!
  • When you're ready, please let us know what you think of March Violets. (Or maybe you want to wait until you finish Berlin Noir.) And while you're at it, let us know your thoughts on In the Garden of Beasts too!

    Isn't it tricky to read both books at once?
  • Enjoyed MV very much. Great intro to BG and his world. Plot twists and turns and keeps one guessing. Female characterizations more finely drawn IMHO. A great sense of place...Berlin 1930's..but from a real bottom up point of view. A small criticism...was surprised that PK (BG) in his description of Heydrich, omitted the fact of his high pitched almost feminine voice, while otherwise describing him. Nothing to do with the story,
    it just jumped out at me.

    Even though I am not finished with "In the Garden of Beasts", it's a must read for anyone interested in the history of the Third Reich; or just a book that they can't put down.

    >> Isn't it tricky to read both books at once? <<

    Not at all..one is like the recipe for a terrific meal..all the ingredients, where you bought the products, the cooking times, the chefs thoughts on preparation, and table talk; the other is eating the meal, licking your lips, and getting a mild buzz from the wine..so to speak ;>)
  • Field Gray is back at #9 on the Maclean's list of bestselling fiction in Canada for the week of May 23, moving down two spots on its fourth consecutive week on that top-ten list.

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