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does anyone know if a Kindle version of the Berlin Noir trilogy is in the works?


  • Sorry for the delay in researching this, gherman.

    We contacted Putnam and put the question to them. Here is their response: "At present, ebook editions of The Berlin Noir Trilogy are not available, but we are working on the issue and hope to have news soon."

    They promised to let us know, and as soon as we have any info, we'll post it here.
  • Any idea why I can't seem to order a kindle version of Field Grey in Canada? Or when I might be able to?
  • Hi, sblackstone. We're checking into this for you. We'll let you know asap.
  • Hi, sblackstone. We put the question to our contacts at Penguin. This is their reply:

    "Thank you for your interest in FIELD GREY. What matters most to us at Penguin is that writers keep writing and readers keep reading. As publishers, we do everything possible to keep that connection alive and vibrant. Penguin’s aim is always to connect writers and readers by publishing books in whatever format they prefer. Our conversations with Amazon in Canada are ongoing and we are working as fast as we can to ensure that eBook editions of our titles are available through that outlet. In the meantime, FIELD GRAY is currently available through Kobo in Canada."

    As soon as we hear anything more, we will post an update. Thanks for bringing this matter to our attention.
  • The Kindle version of Berlin Noir is now available: http://www.amazon.com/Berlin-Noir-ebook/dp/B006LFO1DA
  • Looks like all of the Bernie Gunther books are available for the Nook, as well as a few others. All at admittedly ridiculous prices:

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