What happened to Inge?

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Was she a drug addict? What is your guess as to what happened to her?

My guess is that she was NOT a drug addict but rather she uncovered drugs during some sort of investigation when she was still a reporter and was hiding the stuff for some reason. Leverage? Blackmail? To sell if she got desperate enough? Maybe her disappearance had something to do with the drugs but not because she herself was an addict. I think sure Bernie would know if he was sleeping with a drug addict. In any case, I was really hoping he'd find her. I liked their scenes together.


  • Yes, that's right. Thanks. I read Pale Criminal so fast and a while ago - and I had forgotten that small detail about Inge's file.
  • I just finished the first two books. I think the question of what happened to Inge is answered in Pale Criminal - isn't it? Bernie found the file on her in Kindermann's office. She really was addicted and o.d.'d.
  • Just finishing PC and as Doug says above..Kindermann told Gunther that she was depressive and he treated her with injected cocaine. She went to his clinic and there, over dosed. Presumably,
    Kindermann disposed of her body.
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