Is there a better cop than Berenie?

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He's smart, devious, cynical, Hard-bitten - and a survivor! whatever life throws at him, he can take it. He knows that he can't win, but, despite what tohers say about him, he's not a loser!
In the latest novel, he's reached the grand old age of 60, and he's still able to stay in the game.
Can't wait for the next book. One question though; so many places and doors are closed to him, where will he and Elisabeth fetch up next?


  • Actually, he's just 58 in Field Grey/Gray. That's if you go with the 1896 birth year (The One From the Other). (He's 56 if you go by the age in the first two books.)

    Unfortunately we probably won't know where he and Elisabeth show up next, at least for a while. Prague Fatale is set in 1941/42, and from what we've heard it will be the telling of an unknown chapter in Bernie's life but not in a flashback; it's simply set in '41/'42.
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