Tell us Your Favorite Lines

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Inspired by the comment made about a favorite line in ITDRN, use this thread to tell us your favorite lines or passages from any of the books. If we collect enough of them, we'll …. do something with them. ;-)


  • Just finishing up GR..absolutely great book..Best of the Berlin Noir IMHO.

    If I had to pick out favorite lines in GR..I would be spending all my time posting, and little time reading.
    I think PK out does himself with great phrases and descriptive analogies in this last book of the BN trilogy.
  • My favorite line occurs when Bernie describes a very obese man and states "he had more chins than the Shanghai telephone directory".
  • ' take your case and shove it up your arse...a little more shit in there wont make any difference to the way you smell'
  • All very Dashiell Hammett and Raymond Chandler ... "he did over and over again what only the best writers can ever do at all. He wrote scenes that seemed never to have been written before." - Chandler on Hammett, in The Simple Art of Murder
  • Bernie was talking about two powerless figures arguing over some issue- Bernie describes it as "Two bald men fighting over a comb!"
  • I love the butler with a face like "a melting elephant". (Zagreb)
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