Phillip Kerr at the Soho Literary Festival

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Can the editors post a link after the festival, that might include video of the discussion, for those of us on the "other side of the pond"? A youtube link or something like that? I would certainly enjoy PK's discussion on BG and what it takes to create these terrific novels.


  • Thanks, WML. We are in touch with Soho Lit Fest. They don't expect to have audio or video but they do hope to be able to send us some still photos. Though with 40 events planned over the course of a weekend, it's possible the roving photographers might miss this one.

    If anyone in or near London is planning to attend and would like to record either video or audio for publication on this site, please let us know and we'll see if we can arrange it. We would probably want to get permissions for someone to do that beforehand.

    Or simply snap some still photos with your best camera, send them in and we'll post them. We took photos ourselves during the U.S. book tour -- no problem.

    For anyone wondering what we are talking about, Philip Kerr has signed on to do an event at the Soho Literary Festival on Friday September 23 at 9pm. His event is titled "Philip Kerr on Bernie Gunther," and having see Kerr speak live on the U.S. book tour we can say unequivocally that it is not to be missed if you can possibly make it!

    Tickets are available at their Web site:
  • A reminder: Philip Kerr will make an appearance at the Soho Literary Festival (London) tomorrow night, Friday September 23. "Philip Kerr on Bernie Gunther" is scheduled for 9 pm. Tickets are available at the SohoLitFest Web site:

    If you attend, please stop by this forum over the weekend and give your fellow fans a report. If you can snap a few photos, please send them to and we'll post them.
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