New BG book for 2013

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Terrific I can start PF sometime next it very slowly..and know there is yet another BG book still to come!



  • I agree great news!!!! I hope it deals with young Bernie, like circa 1930. is that when his famous murder case happened?
  • 2013!!! I came to this party late, but am absolutely hooked. The prospect of another Bernie novel is terrific, but the wait will probably drive me over the edge. More Bernie..quick!!!
  • The authenticity and exacting detail alone has hooked me on the BG series. the BG series As compelling is the pain and resignation wrapped around resilience of a guy with dignity and charm who peaked too soon in life from a personal (marriage and early death of first wife) and professional (resolution of famous murder case) standpoint. That's what makes the retrospective story telling integration with the "current day" narrative so fascinating. I'm reading at quarter speed to nurse Prague Fatale for a bit to limit the gap time. I've read some of PK's other work which are wonderful novels but seem like diversions from what must be intense writing to produce a BG that continues to up the ante in plot and pace.
  • We do have a small clue about the plot -- or potential plot -- of the ninth Bernie book:

    This is all that Philip Kerr has said about the book so far!
  • I would love to see the return of Erich Mielke, from FG.
  • Philip Kerr has announced the title of the ninth Bernie book via Twitter:

    Bernie Gunther back in April in A Man Without Breath. The title is from a novel by a writer called Josef Goebbels
  • That's great news...any hints on the plot? ;>)
  • Yes, see the newly created page for A Man Without Breath (from the homepage). It sounds great!

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    anxiously awaiting AMWOB!!!! have a suggestion to PK for title of 10th installment. how about, "CAN LOVE BE A SIN?" the translation of the controversial/popular song Zarah Leander sang circa 1943 (Kann Denn Liebe Suende Seine?). year 43' of Bernies wartime service could coincide with his time in the ABWEHR. the plot, a foreign entertainer/chanteuse/seductress is involved in allied espionage transmitting secrets via UFA productions or something of the like. could it be Zarah Leander a Swede? Marika Roekk a Hungarian?? or Rosita Serrano a Chilean??? or some yet to be created PK femme fatale??? nevertheless, the ministry of propoganda and enlightenment is in chaos trying to control and manage the embarrassment, so "Joey the Crip" collars our man Bernie to get to the bottom of the problem, all the while dodging the traps set out for him by the likes of Himmler, Goering and a new fiend in the fold, Hitler's secretary the most feared man in the third reich, Martin Borman. all who have no love lost for Joey the Crip. I sure would like to read it!!!!!
  • Hello fellow Gunther fans! I believe this is my post! Been a fan of the Gunther books since reading the original trilogy about 10 years ago. Just heard of this new release and I can't wait! Bring it on!
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