Prague Fatale is great!

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Just finished up Prague Fatale and it is a great return to form for the Gunther novels. To be honest, I wasn't crazy about the last few, feeling they meandered too much. But returning to 1941 also means a return to a tighter novel with a pretty good mystery. I gave it ★★★★✩ in my Goodreads review:

have you had a chance to read it yet?


  • Great to hear positive things about the new Bernie story. I plan starting it this weekend.
  • Agree with jdarnold, PF was great. It was nice to return to a story without the jumps in time and fun to crosscheck the fact on the persons involved. One could really believe that it all happened. BTW, you can watch interviews with Lina Heydrich on Youtube.
  • Great book. Its not my favorite Gunther book however. I stll like "Field Gray" the best. I sort of enjoy the flashbacks.
  • I am new to Bernie Gunther. I read a review of Prague Fatale in our local paper and being a WW2 reader, I decided to read it. I liked it very much because as much as I've read about the war both fiction and non, I've never read about it in this way. Then I realized that there were quite a few books that came before Prague Fatale. Are they all WW2 related and are they all independent themes or does one follow another. Thanks.
  • You should read "Berlin Noir". Its the 1st three Bernie novels. read them then you will be hooked..
  • Not my favourite but I like the way Kerr writes Heydrich so nice to have a book thats alot about him. I did think it was weird to do a book that was back in time as far as contiuity goes (I know Field Grey and the one before it, and the One From the Other to a much lesser degree had flash backs they all follow on) But then I did get the impression that Field Grey was sort of the end of the story cronologically. I'm hoping the next one is another pre war tale, I'm still hoping for more on the first war and about how he caught Gorman the Strangler or who ever it was he's famous for getting.
  • Penny64 - they are definitely a series, but they also standalone quite well. Most have a lot to do with pre- and post- WW2 (especially the first three) not necessarily Bernie's action during the war like PF.
  • Just finished PF and must agree that it is a return of sorts to his previous style. I did not like FG as it did not have a very authentic feel to it for me. Kerr's ability to weave historical persons into the narrative is unparalleled. Looking forward to the next edition. Wondering what happens past 1954.......
  • Yes, lots of cold war history...would love to see a return of Erich Mielke from FG. Loved the strange twists of fate that keep bringing them together. Actually, I unashamedly love all the Gunther series! Another story could be
    As someone mentioned, Gorman the Strangler?
  • This one was a great read. Although I've enjoyed the jumping around of the previous books, I appreciated how this one stayed in one time period. A great throwback book and shoe-horning Gunther into a locked-room type of story more familiar to Christie and Carr fans. Great stuff!
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    My introduction to Bernie Gunther began with "If the Dead Rise Not," which I loved. However, "Prague Fatale" is my favourite, to date, particularly after reading
    "Hanns and Rudolf: The True Story of the German Jew Who Caught the Kommandant of Auschwitz," by Thomas Harding.
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