Bernie in the movies



  • Having just binged on the PBS Wallender series, I vote for Kenneth Branagh. He's the right body type and is of course immensely capable as an actor. His Wallender was world weary, cynical, taciturn but still capable of love. Add a bit of humor et voila! Bernie Gunther!
  • Well... sounds like HBO missed a good opportunity though. Netflix has already filled the void with Babylon Berlin, and the series is quite good indeed with an all-German production. Quite awesome immersion into Weimar Republik's era. Berlin canal as a mortuary dump, Protagonists flashing their Politzei "beer token", Commies and brownshits fighting... if you liked Berlin Noir, give it a try.

  • I’m french and I believe that the actor must be german, no discussion!
    Fassbinder, Kretschmann...
    There are fabulous american and english actors but Bernie is a german and a Berliner ,so...

  • A German actor would be fine. Maybe I have missed the discussion but is there a movie/series being planned? I was on trip to Berlin a couple of weeks ago and went for a drink to Adlon, an impressive hotel even today. Also learned that Hedda Adlon has written memoirs. I am now with Bernie in Cuba in the year 1954. Still 4 books to go. Was sad to hear at Easter time that Philipp Kerr has passed away.

  • Fassbender for sure. The rest of the cast from Inglourious Basterds could have supporting roles. Di Caprio would be good too. Bernie ages from 35-60 in the books and is taller than average with some athleticism. Too many actors are 5-9 or 10 and don’t have the physical presence.

    Karl Urban maybe?

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