2012 US Book Tour

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Philip Kerr begins his U.S. public appearances on April 19. Sadly, only six public appearances are on the schedule and none of them are anywhere near BernieGunther.com HQ. If you're lucky enough to be able to attend a tour event this time around, please consider stopping by this thread and telling everyone about it. And if you're not too shy to snap some photos, send them to us and we'll publish them if the quality is good enough. (The venues tend to have pretty low light.) Or upload them to a photo sharing service such as Flickr and give the link.

There's a thread on this forum about the 2011 book tour with some write-ups about what his appearances were like. We highly recommend you attend one this time around if you can!


  • If anyone was able to attend any of Philip Kerr's appearances this week or last, please post and let us know how it went. We also invite you to e-mail your photos to us for publishing on the site. We here at BernieGunther.com HQ were not able to attend any of the events this time around.
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