Prague Fatale - Pronunciation of names

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I am currently proofreading the audiobook version of Prague Fatale. The book is being put on disc for the
Library of Congress to make it available to the blinds.

To make sure that I have all the names correctly pronounced, I was
wondering whether you could help me with the proper pronunciation of

Here are a few:

Amis (pronounced as "amis" in French?)
Lehnhof ("e" short or long?)
Tauber (Tawber?)
Koci (c as 'ts')
Arianne (Arian or Arianne?)
Gunther (the German way...Goonter?)
Heydrich (the German way or Heydrikh)
Hugo Jury ("j" as in "yes"? In Czech that would be the case, I believe)
Captain Kuttner (Kootner?)
Arthur Nebe (Nebe or Nebbe?)
Karoline (p. 142): like Caroline or Karolien?

Thank you very much for your consideration!!!
I really want to get it on the discs the way the names of the real people are actually pronounced.



  • Gunther is pronounced not quite like Goonter. The "u" sound is a bit more like the "u" in "urge."

    We'd say it's about halfway between "oo" and the "u" in "urge."

    As for the other names -- any German or Czech speakers want to weigh in here?
  • Hi,
    Gunther doesn't have an umlaut, so it IS more OO that ur, but not as long. Something along the lines of "fun" said with a northern accent.

    Lehnhof - long e, that's what the h is there for.

    Tauber - ou as in ouch!

    Kuttner short U, similar to Gunther (double consonants mean that the preceding vowel is short)

    Nebe - long e, similar to "rain" said with a northern accent. Basically German vowels are flat!

    Karoline - something like Karolienuh, long flat i and the final e is just pronounced

    hope it helps!
  • Thanks for the input!
  • I was lucky enough to meet Philip Kerr in Stirling recently.He admired my Leica. At that time I had not read any of his books. Now I am on the 6th Bernie Gunther. I have noticed one or two mistakes,but I can't understand why Bernie dropped the umlaut from his surname after the 3rd book. Did I miss something? Thanks,,,,,John.
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