Can some of our multilingual readers help us?

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Any Korean readers out there? If so, please tell us whether the book at this link is the Korean translation of the PENGUIN BOOK OF LIES that Philip Kerr edited (in English) in 1990:

Any Thai readers out there? We're looking for a cover image of the Thai edition of Dead Meat. The phonetic title is Khabūan kān narok Sēnpītœbœ̄k. We need a photo of the book and a link to a bookstore selling it or a library listing.

Any Croatians out there? We are looking for a cover image of Ožujske ljubice, the Croatian edition of MARCH VIOLETS. We know the book is out there but we cannot find a picture of the cover. We'd like to add it to the MARCH VIOLETS page. So if you have a copy or know where one is and can take a photo, please do and send to

And if you know of other foreign language translations of Philip Kerr's books that we are missing on our book pages, please either post the information here or email us. Thanks!


  • The book in Korean is attributed to Philip Kerr as editor and the description of the book is similar. The Korean title translates back into English as "Historical Lies." Hope that helps.
  • Thanks! It's the only foreign language translation we've found of The Penguin Book of Lies. Interesting!
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