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Philip, Berlin Noir(narrated by John Lee) is pure genius, I know it took 15 years to get back to Bernie but why in god's name did you hand it over to Paul Hecht? I can't get through "Quiet Flame"...a skid row bum would bring more texture and feeling to the interpretation.


  • As I mentioned in my review of A Man Without Breath, I didn't think Hecht did a great job. His unpredictable pauses in mid-sentence could be very disconcerting.
  • I totaly agree. Paul Hecht can't carry Bernie's hat. What was in Mr. Kerr's mind when he dropped one of the best narrators in in Audible's line up: John Lee?

    Mr. Kerr please tell us why in the hell did you select Hecht and drop Lee? Was it you or some bus boy when you were out of town? Please respond you owe it to your fans!
  • I have the perspective of only hearing the Paul Hecht narrations. I read the earlier books and started listening to them during marathon training. So in my mind Paul Hecht is Bernie and I thought he did a great job. However, they apparently forgot to do any audio editing on Man Without Breath, which significantly diminished his performance. I was alarmed to see that Hecht did not narrate The Lady From Zagreb. I get the impression though that John Lee will be excellent. The bottom line is that I absolutely love this series.
  • It took me about half way through The Lady From Zagreb to get over my disappointment that Paul Hecht was not the reader. It's all opinion but I think Hecht was far superior to John Lee in every way. At a minimum he should have asked someone from Croatia how to pronounce their names. Serbian names ending in C have a CH sound (like "switch", not a TS sound (like "its").
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