Heydrich and Bernie

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I love how Heydrich is presented in this series. I have just finished 'Prague Fatal' and I nearly chocked on my beer when I heard Bernie bring up Heydrich's supposed Jewish origins to his face. Just the way he speaks to someone like the Hangman of Prague shows he certainly has some guts.


  • Gunther does have a death wish as well as a compulsion to speak his mind when it's not necessarily prudent to do so. That's something that I love about the character. He can be shaking in his boots in front of Heydrich, but he's still not taking any bunk from the guy. He'll go down swinging if need be.
  • Bernie mentions his father sometimes and not in an affectionate way.The hints are of a stiff,demanding Prussian.I think Bernie has a problem with authority figures starting with his father.Some of the things he says to dangerous Nazi's strike me as things he wanted to say to his Vater.
  • Maybe it is a death wish, maybe father issues, maybe four years of "The Great War", watching your comrades die at the hands of incompetent and careless generals.?

    Heydrich, maybe helping the freedom fighters assassinate H would have been the way to go?
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