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This may sound like a stupid question and may have been asked before. Just found this site so please bear with me.
Have these books been translated into German and what are the titles of the German versions? I have a German friend who would really enjoy this series and although his English is fairly good I think he would miss some of the enjoyment of the story if he was constantly interpreting in his head or having to refer to a colloquial dictionary. Thanks if you can advise.


  • All the books have been translated to German, except "A Man Without Breath", which will be available later in 2014.

    If you go to the "The Books" section of this website and then click on each individual book you will see all the translations available for that book listed on the right side of the page.

  • I had previously said that while PK clearly has a reasonable command of German there were a few (avoidable) clangers in the earlier books which should have been spotted by subeditors fully conversant in German. This thankfully seems to have been taken to heart as the latest, "The Lady from Zagreb", is free of such annoyances (although of course I can't be sure about the Serbocroat in it).
  • I agree. For example, in previous books, Kerr rarely paid attention to accents (which led to some notable improbables), but in "Zagreb" accents do play a more prominent role.
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