Review of "Prayer" PK's latest book.

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This book was so bad that I couldn't believe PK had written it. so instead of a review I have a plea to PK.
Mr. Kerr you are great when you stick to what you do well. Why try to be a crappy American thriller writer? We have too many of those. Take Bernie Gunther, or a similar, but younger character. Let him be a detective in Cold War Berlin. You'd have a best selling series. Plus, you'd make all your fans happy. Thanks, for listening. Now get to work!


  • I liked Prayer. The idea was gutsy, the execution uneven. The novel held my interest and I went along for the ride with an attitude of you're-not-really-going-to-do-that, and he did! However, the writing wasn't as compelling as it is for the Gunther books. It bogs down from time to time and the pace of the story could have been tweaked a bit. Overall, I love the book for its concept. Kerr has a pair. No doubt about that.
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