Is the HBO version of Bernie's adventures still on tap?

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It's been quite awhile since it was first announced but I've heard not a peep about it, and on Internet Movie DataBase under Tom Hanks' producer heading it is not yet listed.


  • From what I hear it's on the back burner for now
  • A shame. This would make a great miniseries, but getting the right Bernie would be tricky.
  • I would not hold one's breath. There are always lots of good ideas and scripts floating around, but most don't even get a chance. Also, I am inclined to say, an anti-establishment, noir detective is not in the public mood at the moment.
  • I feel strongly to the the contrary! Now is *precisely* the time for Bernie to demonstrate to the world that prejudice, intolerance and fanaticism don't win in the long run. And that the human spirit will survive; however often he's beaten up, shot at, drugged, seduced, lied to or betrayed - the good guy will prevail! Even if he gets sadder & wiser...
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