New fan...Book 4!

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It is so refreshing to find a series totally unknown to me. As a member of, I wish there was a search engine for "series". I am so glad that I realized that Bernie had a life larger than one book before I read the suggested book "Lady from Zagreb". The publisher's comments should be very specific about including series information in their descriptions used by or by any other book streaming site.
I am, fortunately, starting book 4 having read 1-3 in order. It is so frustrating to read the last book in a series and wondering if there will be another. I remember being devasted when LeCarre's George Smiley series came to an end. It is so great to know that I have s long way to go with Bernie and his part in the period of history that I thrive on.
Thank you Philip Kerr!!! (And thanks for allowing John Lee, my favorite narrator, bring me these first books. I hope that Paul Hecht can be as mesmerizing!!)
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