Errors - The Lady from Zagreb

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I happen to be a coin collector and, along with various other countries, I also collect the coins of Germany. At the bottom of page 250 and top of page 251 of "The Lady From Zagreb", Bernie is crossing the border from Germany into Switzerland, and PK writes:

"Sergenat Bleiker, a detective from the Zurich City Police, met me with my visa and some Swiss money, which I bought with the gold reichsmarks that Eggen had given me: the Swiss didn't like our paper money and, even with Hitler's head on them preferred the hundred-mark coins."

From a numismatic viewpoint, there are two factual errors in the above quote. First, Germany never produced 100 mark gold coins in the entire 20th Century, let alone in the 12 years of the Third Reich. Secondly, while Hitler never had any hesittion about having his image being placed on postage stamps, for some reason his otherwise ubiquitous portrait never graced any Third Reich currency, either the coins or the banknotes.

A small mistake in the scale of things. Enjoying the book immensly.

Happy (and, hopefully, a more Peaceful) New Year Everyone.


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