"...as if she really meant it, like a proper German wife."

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Hi everybody,

I´ve just finished reading "The Lady from Zagreb", an excellent book in my opinion. I would like to ask you all here on the forum about the moment where Bernie marries Kirsten (p. 331 in my copy). Kirsten moves the ring onto the finger on her right hand and Bernie notices this, and - as I understand it - is quite thankful/proud/happy about it. Maybe it´s a strange thing for me to get hung up on (or maybe I´m just a bit stupid) - but why is this so important to him? Is it that deep down behind all his cynicism, he´s quite an old-school romantic?

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  • Ok, as I thought then! I don´t know why this episode stuck with me, but it did! I suppose it´s a great example of "show don´t tell" by Mr Kerr. And perhaps deep down I´m just an old school romantic too!

    Have a nice weekend everyone!
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