Is this Dora's or Gunther's line?

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Hi, there!
This might be a stupid question, but could you please help me to understand the English in "If the dead rise not", Part 1, Chapter 30?

What kind of "that" would shut Gunther up....? The fact that Max is somebody who FBI sets eye on? Or, the fact that the Gestapo is not so interested in?
Also, whose line is the "I suppose... blah blah blah..." below?

‘I suppose that’s why they asked the FBI for information about Max.’ Dora laughed. ‘Yes, I thought that would shut you up.

At first, of course I thought it's Dora's (because "Dora laughed" follows...), but became not sure about these sentences.
It seems to me that I can take it's Gunther's.

Thank you for your help in advance!!


  • The "that" in the sentence, refers to the fact THAT the Gestapo had asked the FBI for information on Max.

    Both parts of that dialogue are Dora's. Her telling Bernie about the Gestapo asking the FBI about Max..laughing self assuredly at the information she had just told Bernie, and then once again knowing that bit of information would surprise Bernie.
  • Thanks so much for your explanation!
    I think I understood for that "that" .
    Then, why did Dora say "That's why..."?
    Gunther said "They are not interested in Max", and I am confused.
    It looks to me Dora is saying "Gestapo asked about Max to FBI because they are NOT interested in him. Usually you ask about someone because you ARE interested in that person, aren't you?
  • Not sure I can explain it any better then above. This is somewhat idiomatic speech I suppose.

    Gunther wasn't aware of the Gestapo and the FBI inquiry. Dora did and told him to let
    him know that she knew more then he to speak.

    It seems to be a minor point you are getting stuck on.

  • Thanks so much for your comment.
    Ah-hah, I think I got it!
    Indeed it might be a minor
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