Is it me ?

Think I've read all the Bernie books and absolutely loved them but have only just got around to the Berlin Noir trilogy and have to say, if I'd got hold of it first I don't think I would have read any of the later titles which, in my opinion are vastly better than the trilogy. I guess as there's an 11 year gap, it was during that time that Kerr honed his craft and became much better at it ! Really struggling to get to the end of the third book which rambles on and on and introduces so many different names it's difficult to keep track and if Bernie gets asked to find any more people I will definitely blow a it me ?


  • Hi, blueskythinking. Now we're curious. What order did you read the books in?

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    I somewhat agree but more when it comes to all of Bernie´s ladies! There´s Inge, Kirsten, Frieda, Elisabeth, Dahlia - just to mention a few. No wonder that the poor man feels a bit worn out when we encounter him at the French Riviera in 1956!

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