Philip Kerr's Scott Manson Series

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Has anyone here read Philip Kerr's series starring protagonist Scott Manson?

There are three volumes so far: January Window, Hand of God, and False Nine.

Kerr recently said they are very popular in Spain in particular.

Any thoughts or feedback?


  • I am almost finished reading False Nine. It's really good and I like Scott Manson.
    But I love Bernie.
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    I have listened to all 3 on Audible. They are encyclopedic in knowledge of soccer (football),
    Coupled with a "ripped from the headlines" great story and populated with characters that jump out of the headset. I love to listen to these books while I knit. C'mon Mr Kerr, please write some more Scott Manson. Also, if you read this Mr Kerr, enjoy your newsletter, but how could you leave out of your favourite movies, "Das Boot"?
  • There's a blurb from on the back of my copy of A Quiet Flame that reads, "So utterly, unexpectedly spellbinding I want to put a gun to Kerr's head and force him to stop writing any other kind of book." I'm kind of in agreement. I've never run across an author like Kerr. With other writers, when I find a book I like, I look for other books they've written and usually come away disappointed. With the Bernie Gunther series, Kerr flipped that script. While I won't say that each book is better than the last, I will say I can't get enough of the series and dread the day I have no fresh Bernie stories to read. I guess maybe then I can give one of Kerr's non-Bernie books a try.
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    To be totally transparent, I have read all of Bernie Gunther, some, that I especially enjoyed,twice. My relationship with Bernie has lasted longer than any of my marriages.
    An author, with the talent of Mr. Kerr is a beautiful thing; I do not know if you like jazz, but when a talented, gifted musician plays an old standard and takes you to a place you have never been before, buckle up and enjoy the ride. Maybe it is not the best analogy,
    but I do not know how else to explain it. I do not know if Mr. Kerr played football, but the way Scott Manson novels are written, with passion, remind me of the female character in the movie "Sideways", who talks about the mystery and beauty of wine.
    Mr. Kerr writes with such talent and insight, whether Bernie or Scott, I just take a deep breath and let these books enrich my life.
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