Bernie's Nazi Germany and the present United States of America

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My wife's former boss at the University of Washington (Seattle) Bookstore gave the Bernie trilogy as a present. I read it -- three novels -- and was hooked. I am on #6 and have read several of Mr. Kerr's non-Bernie novels. I have been fascinated by Nazi Germany, Hitler, Jews and the German people for decades. I have also been interested in the politics of the United States of America. I see a frightening parallel of Hitler's successful takeover of a once-great country by his minority to the takeover of a once-great United States of America by the Progressive Left. Any comments?


  • Why the progressive left? Looking at 1930's Germany I would think the far right is a better parallel today.
  • The parallels are of no significance. American history and philosophic profile is totally different from 1930's Germany. The Progressive left in the USA is shrewder, generally appealing more to the intellectual class. The far right is fractured and increasingly paranoid while the left becomes more self righteous and arrogant which is their blind spot and will eventually be their undoing.
  • What worries me Is the rise of Trump to be a presidential candidate,he appears to encourage the far right and woe betide the U.S.A. Should he become the president.IMO he is a racist bigot like Hitler.
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