what about a Gunther "prequel"

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I really enjoy the books .. but I cannot help but think that a book about Gunther's service in the Great War, how he met his first wife - in detail - his experiences during the Weimar Republic and his beginning with KRIPO would be a fascinating read.


  • I love this idea! I'm new to Bernie Gunther and I can't stop reading. I started with Prague Fatale and while I like that the book stands well on it's own, I am going back to the first book. A prequel is such a wonderful idea. It would probably answer the questions that keep coming to mind. I haven't been this attached to a main character since John LeCarre's Smiley!
  • You will LOVE the Berlin Noir Trilogy - March Violets, A Pale Criminal and a German Requiem .. the first 3 Gunther works. They answer a lot of questions and pose more!
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