Searching for German 2nd World War murder mystery other than Bernie Gunther

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Help. I read a book last year set in wartime Germany about a civilian policeman who was teamed up with a Gestapo or SS (ex-Judge) to solve a series of murders involving the Jewish community , who were being rounded up and shipped out of Berlin(?). The novel ended in an abandoned slaughter house where bodies had been fed to pigs and where a guy taught young street kids martial arts. It was a much better read than it sounds from the above! I wanted to give it to a friend who loves the Bernie Gunther books but couldn't recognise the book from my vague description.
Can anyone help? Please? Thanks a lot.


  • I read two novels by Volker Kutscher, that are quite similar to Bernie Gunther. 'The Silent Death' and 'Babylon Berlin'.
  • Reading this at the moment, it's called "The Butchers of Berlin" by Chris Petit
  • To be precise, Volker Kutschers wrote, so far, six novels about his 'hero', Gereon Rath. The man is not unlike Bernard. He is uncoventional, cynical too en rather anti-Nazi. He also meets a lot of prominent Germans. The books start in 1929 and his number six novel is situated in 1934. It is a time of great confusion for the German people. The Social democratic state of Weimar has ended and the Nazi's are upcoming, starring Hitler, who promisses law and order. Rath has to solve many crimes, including some against high positioned Nazi's. I can't give you the English titles of the books, I've read them in German. I could give you those titles if you like.
    (For all the faults in my spelling: excuse me, I'm Dutch.)

  • Fatherland by Robert Harris
    SSGB By Len Deighton ( Lots of other books by Deighton and I have a sneaking suspicion that his Kerr Drew a lot from Deightons Character Bernie Sampson, world weary spy for good old Bernie Gunther)
    Le Corps Noir By Dominique Manotti

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