Bernie and Heydrich

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I don't know if anyone else thinks this and maybe I am stating the obvious... but don't they have rather bizarre relationship? In 'Field Gray' we have a flashback where Heydrich is actually rather nice to Bernie - in his own way:

"Gunther, did you know this man ratted you out as part-Jew?"
"I did not know that sir. And?"
"Here is his file. You are traveling with him in France. On a long road. A long, lonely road."
"So many dreadful things can happen on a long, lonely road."
"Just take the damn file, Gunther, and make sure your gun is loaded."

When not terrorizing our Bernie, Heydrich actually seems to like him. Thoughts, anyone?


  • I find this interesting too, perhaps there is an indicator in their disparity of rank, Heydrich could obviously crush BG at any time he chose, but BG was clearly useful on some level to him, and in that he was successful in what he did, as a policeman, Heydrich saw that he could be effectively used? Heydrich obviously knows all about him and knows that BG knows too. Persumably there is an assumption that BG couldn't possibly ever get one over on Heydrich so the relationship is "safe"..?
  • But it's also said that RH was himself 'accused' of being partly Jewish, so, maybe there is something in that too?

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