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1st September 1942 to 28th February 1943
Working on unknown projects at The War Crimes Commission.

28th February to May 1943
From 28th February to 9th March Bernie was investigating the sinking of the SS Hrotsvitha von Gandersheim amongst other things, with the rank of Captain (AMWB).
On the 10th March he flew from Berlin to Smolensk (AMWB).
From the 11th March to 14th March he was at Dnieper Castle near Smolensk investigating the Katyn Forest Massacre and plots against Hitler and other murders (AMWB).
On the 15th March he flew from Smolensk to Berlin (AMWB).
From the 16th to 22nd March he was at the War Crimes Commission working on other investigations and meeting Goebbels (AMWB).
On the 23rd March he flew from Berlin to Smolensk in Goebbels personal Fokke-Wulf plane (AMWB).
From the 23rd March to May he was at Krasny-Bor near Smolensk investigating the Katyn Forest Massacre and plots against Hitler and other murders (AMWB).

June to August 1943
In June Bernie was at the War Crimes Commission working on paperwork connected to the Katyn Forest Massacre and other investigations (TLFZ).
In July Goebbels instructs Bernie to go to Croatia (Yugoslavia) to look for Dalia Dresner's father (Antun Djurkovic). He meets Dalia Dresner (Dragica Djurkovic) in Potsdam (TLFZ).
The same month he goes to Zagreb, Barja Luka and Jasenovac looking for Antun Djurovic (Colonel Dragan) (TLFZ).
He is required to marry Kirsten Handloser (1905-1949) (TLFZ). 1941 is also given as a date in A German Requiem.
He visits Zurich and Ermatingen, Switzerland and discusses the Nazi plans for the invasion of Switzerland (TLFZ).
On the 24th July back in Berlin Goebbels debriefs Bernie on the same day as Mussolini is deposed (TLFZ).
Between 25th and 27th July he is in a prison cell at Babelsberg, Potsdam police station (TLFZ).
Between 28th July and early August he is in the Gestapo prison in Lindenstrasse in Berlin (TLFZ).
In August he spends two weeks with Kirsten at Rugen Island on the Baltic Sea (TLFZ).

August 1943 to February 1944
Demoted to lieutenant, in Intelligence, with General Schorners's Northern Army in White Russia (AGR).

February 1944 to April 1945
At Konigsberg, East Prussia attached to the 132nd Infantry Division (FG).

30th January 1945
Girlfriend dies when the MV Wilhelm Gustloff is sunk by torpedoes (TOSOS).

April to August 1945
On the 9th April Bernie is taken prisoner following the surrender of Konigsberg, East Prussia to the Russians. He is taken to a POW Transit Gamp in Romania, possibly Secureni. He is then taken to a POW Soviet Labour Camp (Usman), Voronezh where he works in the sawmill (FG).

August 1945 to autumn 1946
At a POW camp at Krasno-Armeesk, between Astrakhan and Stalingrad, excavating canal (FG).

Autumn to December 1946
Sent to a POW camp at Johanngeorgenstadt, Czechoslovakia to mine Uranium (FG).

December 1946
Escaped from train on the Polish/German border (FG).

January 1946
In Berlin with Elisabeth Dresler (FG).

December 1946
Sent to Staaken, Berlin POW camp for returning Germans (AGR).
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