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  • Off the top of my head... I think he was a POW in part of 2 of the books. I think Field Gray was one of them, don't exactly remember the other but I think it was an earlier book.
  • Great idea! Anyone else have any favorite quotes about Bernie from any of the books?
  • I believe the UK release date is March 29, 2016.
  • From what I hear it's on the back burner for now
  • iTunes has BERLIN NOIR as well as the individual titles available to download with iBooks on an Apple MAC or Apple iOS device. Audible.com (an Amazon company) has the three books that make up the trilogy BERLIN NOIR - MARCH VIOLETS, THE PALE CRIMIN…
  • All the books have been translated to German, except "A Man Without Breath", which will be available later in 2014. If you go to the "The Books" section of this website and then click on each individual book you will see all the translations availa…
  • I just reread them all again (the Berlin Noir books for the 3rd time!) and I think the published order is the only way to go. I also recommend rereading these books, they were more enjoyable each time I read them because there's so much in them tha…
  • Here are the books in chronological order (published order in parenthesis). Note that some of the books are are set in more than one time period. The date given below is the date of the beginning of the book. 1934 If the Dead Rise Not (6) 1936 Mar…