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  • To be honest, I never could figure out how much was the "real" Dalia and how much was acting. It never occurred to me that she would have killed her mother, but as for the rest of her motives - it's a mystery!
  • Wow - I just loved this book! It's a welcome return to form after a bunch of uninspired Gunther books. My full review on Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/1357647841
  • As I mentioned in my review of A Man Without Breath, I didn't think Hecht did a great job. His unpredictable pauses in mid-sentence could be very disconcerting. http://glipho.com/jdarnold/audiobook-review-a-man-without-breath-by-philip-kerr
  • Just finished the audiobook. Enjoyed the historical realness of it, although I thought it got awfully complicated, especially for an audiobook. For many authors, just investigating the Katyn Woods Massacre would have been enough, but no - Mr. Kerr h…
  • Looks like all of the Bernie Gunther books are available for the Nook, as well as a few others. All at admittedly ridiculous prices: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/s/philip-kerr?keyword=philip+kerr&store=ebook
  • I didn't really like The Shot. Here's my 2/5 star review from Goodreads: The Shot is a Philip Kerr thriller about an assination attempt on John Kennedy and the efforts of the Mob (!) to thwart it. A very odd book, with mostly repugnant characters…
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  • I watched Inglorious Basterds a few months ago and while I was very lukewarm on the movie, I wonder if Christopher Waltz, the actor who played the German Colonel with amazing precision, would work as Bernie?
  • Penny64 - they are definitely a series, but they also standalone quite well. Most have a lot to do with pre- and post- WW2 (especially the first three) not necessarily Bernie's action during the war like PF.
  • Ooops, I opened a new topic for my PF review.
  • Perhaps the weakest Bernie Gunther mystery to date. The flashback style felt especially forced, for some reason. A few good lines, but once again, the web that ensnares Bernie just seems far too convoluted. Maybe I'm just not subtle enough, but the …
  • While on vacation, I read The One From The Other by Philip Kerr. Following the action of the brilliant Berlin Noir, it continues the adventures of Bernie Gunther, a down in his luck investigator in pre-World War II Germany. He rubs shoulders with ma…
  • I seem to recall a mystery I read many years ago set in an alternate history Berlin, where the Germans didn't lose WW2. They didn't win it either, but basically had control over Europe in a stalemate. It was really good, chronicling the demise of th…