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  • The prototype 190 VB was produced in 1937 as a prototype front wheel drive 6 cylinder 1.9 litre twin carb 50hp model. Presumably it was intended to be at the top of the range of its style, akin to the 170. There's some photos in the MB archive. I su…
  • For more photos in colour, if you can find it, maybe through a library, the 2003 publication Hitler's Berghof with over 100 colour photos from the Frentz archive is interesting.
  • I find this interesting too, perhaps there is an indicator in their disparity of rank, Heydrich could obviously crush BG at any time he chose, but BG was clearly useful on some level to him, and in that he was successful in what he did, as a policem…
  • Swedish Logician - I tried to see if I could find a reference to the release date for Germany. As an MGM film it is possible that it ended up on the banned list? After MGM produced The Mortal Storm (?) in 1940 which was unflattering to the regime, t…
  • Not necessarily wrong?? Forgive the comment on old mentions but I have seen twice the mention that Gunther comments on passing through Niedersachsen and that such a mention is incorrect because as a State it was not formed until post war. This may b…