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  • Field Gray is my favorite of the series. In fact, I've read it twice. The first time was right after finishing the trilogy, Berlin Noir, and needed to read more Bernie immediately regardless of where it fell in the series. After that I read books 4…
  • Interesting. I wonder how this impacts the likelihood of us ever seeing Bernie on the big (or little) screen. On the one hand, how many movies about a German detective in the 20's and thirties could there be an appetite for? On the other, if Berlin …
  • Would it be possible to remove the reference "Gunther murders Reles to protect his daughter."? The timeline is complete without it, and avoids a MAJOR spoiler to anyone reading the timeline.
  • There's a blurb from on the back of my copy of A Quiet Flame that reads, "So utterly, unexpectedly spellbinding I want to put a gun to Kerr's head and force him to stop writing any other kind of book." I'm kind of in agreement. I've never …
  • Not a review exactly, as I am only about a third of the way through A Quiet Flame, but I found this article in today's paper timely:…
  • For me, it's down to Michael Fassbender, Thomas Kretschmann or Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. I've always heard Bernie's voice as Fassbender's ever since I picked up Berlin Noir, but all three would be more than capable of conveying Bernie's rugged, no-bull…