Hitler's Peace


Autumn, 1943. Since the rout at Stalingrad, Hitler has known he cannot win the war—known, too, that the upcoming Allied conference in Teheran will set the ground rules for the peace to come. Realizing that the unconditional surrender Roosevelt has demanded will leave Germany in ruins, he has put out peace feelers. (Unbeknownst to him, so has Himmler, who is prepared to stage a coup to reach an accord.) FDR and Stalin are willing to negotiate. Only Churchill refuses to listen. Soon, the tensions in Teheran will be at fever pitch, and the city will be the stage for a hazardous game in which the stakes are nothing less than life and death.

At the center of this hall of mirrors is Willard Mayer, an OSS operative chosen by FDR to serve as his new envoy. A cool, self-absorbed womanizer with a questionable past, Mayer is the perfect foil for the steamy world of deception, betrayals, and assassinations that make up the moral universe of Realpolitik. As compelling as Mayer is, the key players in this drama—FDR, Churchill, Stalin, and Hitler, as well as Himmler, Molotov, and Schellenberg—are astonishingly true-to-life. The result is a fast-paced, thought-provoking thriller about what might have been, a stunning alternative history in which the fate of Europe (and its remaining Jews) hangs in the balance.

Critical Praise

"Nazi Germany is Kerr's protagonist [and] Hitler's Peace is a cunning what-if riff... Yes, it's actually thrilling. And it will rush to make you read his BERLIN NOIR trilogy." ~ Time

"A scandalous yet plausible scenario... A thriller [in which] the historical dice are well shaken" ~ Los Angeles Times


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