1995 ~ U.S. edition titled THE GRID

Located in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, the sparkling new Yu Corporation Building is a monument to human genius. It can converse with its occupants. It can forecast the weather. It knows your body temperature, whether you've been drinking or using drugs. It darkens the windows in the noontime glare. It keeps the homeless away at night and lovingly tends the tree that reaches up through its beautiful atrium. Dubbed the 'Gridiron,' the Yu Building is the culmination of art and function. It's also something else: a serial killer.

Something has gone wrong inside the immensely powerful brain of this corporate dream palace. Before the building is opened to the public, one member of a team of brilliant computer programmers dies slumped against his VDT, his eyes burned black. Then a security guard is found with his skull shattered. Now the men and women who know the building best—including its egomaniacal architect and the one person who may actually be able to reason with the computer—know that the building itself is spinning wildly out of control.

Built to survive power outage and the most massive earthquakes, the brain of the Gridiron cannot be unplugged and cannot be outsmarted. For the dozen people who are locked inside, the Gridiron is turning into a living, malevolent dungeon of terrors, where each death is more horrific than the one before, and human survival may be the ultimate achievement...

Critical Praise

"The brainy thriller of the year." ~ The Independent

"Compelling... Kerr is way ahead of his literary contemporaries... He may have come closer than anyone to writing the first true multimedia book... England's answer to Michael Crichton." ~ Financial Times

"Ingeniously gruesome... I found myself turning pages in feverish anticipation of the endgame... You will just love it." ~ The Times of London

"Powerful... the nail-biting tension gets right down the cuticle." ~ The Daily Telegraph

"An exemplary pieces of movie-friendly fiction... as if by Michael Crichton's smarter brother." ~ The Literary Review

Honors and Awards

1997 - Deutscher Krimi Preis First Place International Category (German Crime-Literature Prize)


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