The Penguin Book of Fights, Feud and Heartfelt Hatreds


Love, friendship, and sympathy are all very well in their place, but nothing adds spice to life like a good argument, a bitter quarrel, or the venting of some spleen. Royals, rock stars, film stars, politicians: none is above holding the odd grudge or shooting an opponent down in flames, verbally or otherwise.

In this wide-ranging anthology of some of the finest feuds to litter history, politics, literature, the arts, and commerce, Philip Kerr demonstrates that the energy that goes into enmity is frequently longer lasting and more potent than any other kind—and a great deal more enjoyable to observe.

Critical Praise

"One cannot deny the lip-smacking pleasure of the grand-scale vendetta. Or, indeed, the high comedy the editor wrings from some of his victims... The best vendettas are here: Whistler and Ruskin, the Queen Mother and Mrs. Simpson, Mary McCarthy and Lillian Hellman, Heath and Thatcher. Bette Davis and Joan Crawford are ridiculous and endearing, and John Osborne's bile chills the blood." ~ The Sunday Telegraph

The Penguin Book of Fights, Feud and Heartfelt Hatreds Book Cover
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